Years End Meeting 2021

International Fellowship of Rowing Rotarians on 30.12.2021

Meeting 9:30 – 11:00

Chairman: Hartmut Jaeger RC Mainz (1860)

Participants sorted by District

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Hartmut opens the Year End Meeting 2021and welcomes the Rotarian friends. He is pleased to see the great interest in this meeting. He has also received some feedback on the invitation in the run-up today´s meeting from friends who are deployed in (veterinary-) emergency services implanting shoulder prostheses or notarizing contracts and therefore unfortunately cannot attend now. But overall, he said, the positive response to the invitation was very gratifying.

He inquires, as first, what the weather is like at the respective locations. He himself sends his greetings from France.

After Nigel reported last year about rowing in Sydney, this year we jump 10,000 miles from the south to the northern hemisphere to Copenhagen. None of our members live further north than Patrizia.

Presentation Patrizia:

Patrizia begins by reporting on the founding  of the Scandinavian Chapter of the Fellowship of Rotarian Rowers. Initially  the idea was to found a Danish Chapter, but then it was decided to found a comprehensive  Chapter for all of Scandinavia.

The Fellowship startet with 15 members from four different rowing clubs.

In Denmark itself there are 15.000 rowers in 145 rowing clubs. The rowing club of Patrizia is Skovshoved Roklub. There are many opportunities for rowing in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

The Skovshoved Roklub is located at nothern end of the Skovshoved Havn marina just north of Copenhagen. The Club has about 600 members. Skovshoved Roklub offers its members the opportunity of rowing in several types of boats: Inrigger boats, outrigger boats, Gig Boats and Coastal Boats. But the members can also Sea kayaking and Canoe polo.

Skovshoved Roklub was founded 1938 and resides in  Charlottenlund.

The rowing areas extend for a length of 12 km along the Swedish coast.

Another rowing area in the north of Copenhagen is the popular lake of Molleaen and its lakes. The Millstream begins at Bastrup, and runs all the way into Oresund which seperates Denmark from Sweden. This area is 7 km in distance to the Skovshoved Roklub. The Mill Stream is very popular place for rowing.

An other area ist the Lynyby Lake in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen. It is the smallest of the four lakes that are located on Molleaen. The Lyngby Lake has an area of 57 hecares. A number of rowing clubs are based at the lake.

The Lake Bagsvaerd is a lake in the northeastern Zealand of Denmark. After Fureso, it is the second largest lake in the Mollean system. The water is low and the wind blows strong. Regardless of have been held at Lake Bagsvaerd several international rowing competitions.

The next area is nearby an island outside of Copenhagen. The Trekroner is a see fort in the Copenhagen Harbour.

After Patrizia has given an overview of the many opportunities for rowing in Copenhagen, she inivites the members of the Fellowship to come to Denmark.

Hartmut expresses his sincere thanks for the lecture and the impressions conveyed about rowing around Copenhagen.

Hartmut now asks the individual participants of today’s year-end meeting to introduce themselves briefly, so that the individual members of the Fellowship can get to know each other better.

After one hour, there are technical problems that lead to a delayed continuation of the session.

Hartmut wishes all participants a good start into the new year, especially health and much success and looks forward to future meetings at Fellowship events. He asks the present participants of today’s meeting to advertise for further members in their respective Rotary clubs, so that the fellowship can continue to grow and the activities can expand further. 

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