International Fellowship of Rowing Rotarians

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§ 1 Name and Objectives of the Association

§ 2 Mitgliedschaft

§ 3 Board

§ 4 Election of the Board

§ 5 Duties of the Board

§ 6 National Representatives

§ 7 Contributions

§ 8 General Assembly

§ 9 Amendment of the Constitution


§ 1 Name and Objectives of the Association

1. The name of this association shall be „International Fellowship of Rowing Rotarians“.

2. The Fellowship promotes the friendship of Rotarians around the world, who have a common interest in rowing, by

- the organization of joint traveling

- Organizing their own sports contests or participating in such.

§ 2 Membership

1. Membership is acquired by application.

2. Members may be Rotarians or Rotaractors, members and partners of Rotarians or Rotaractors, who are interested in rowing.

3. The Management Board may appoint an honorary member by resolution. Honorary member may be, who has rendered outstanding services to the Fellowship. Honorary members do not pay contributions.

4. Membership is terminated by resignation, death, discontinuation of the described properties or by exclusion.

§ 3 Board

1. The Executive Board consists of:

Past President

The immediate Past President is ex officio member of the board and is not elected.

2. In addition to the Executive Board the extended Executive Board also includes the duly appointed or elected presidents of the national associations.

3. The Association will be represented by two board members, one of whom must be the President or Vice-President.

4. The meetings are chaired by the President, in his absence by the Vice-President. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority. In a tie, the vote of the President decides, in his absence the vote of his representative.

§ 4 Election of the Board

1. Members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years. The term starts on the first day of July following the election. In case of by-elections or new elections, the term of the new elected board members will be adjusted to the term of the other board members.

2. Elections are organized by the Board. Elections shall take place at the annual convened general assembly. Proposed candidates for the board must be addressed in writing to the president or secretary.

3. The election will be executed by a supervisor assigned by the board, who must be a member of the Fellowship.

4. Entitled to vote is every person, who is a member on the 1st day of the month prior to the general assembly, and who has no arrears. Eligible for election is any member who meets these requirements.

5. Elected is, who receives a simple majority of the votes cast. In a tie, the seat is determined by the assigned supervisor in a lot.

 § 5 Duties of the Board

The Board shall

- ensure the continued existence of the Association,
- announce meetings in due time,
- forward information about activities to members of the Association,
- keep member documents up to date,
- care for member recruitment,
- persecute a good fiscal policy.

1. The President represents the Association both internally and externally. He invites to the board meetings and general assemblies and prepares the agenda.

2. The Vice-President represents him in his absence. He prepares an annual report on the activities of his term, which is published on the internal pages of the website of the association.

3. The secretary draws the minutes and conducts the communication with the members. Communication takes place via email. 
He compiles the list with all registered members.
It is accessible to all members on request. He distributes the reports of the Board to the members. 
Er verteilt die Berichte des Vorstands an die Mitglieder.

4. The Treasurer is responsible for the asset management; along with the President he has access to the bank accounts.

5. The Coordinator plans the events of the association and cares for the publication of all planned activities.                                                       

§ 6 National Representatives

National representatives shall be appointed by the Board or elected on the basis of an own structure in accordance with their rules.

They shall

  • - ensure that the Rotarians will be informed within their country about the activities of the Fellowship,
  • - perform a list of all members within their country,
  • - encourage members to organize national, regional or international events,
  • - stay connected to the board.

§ 7 Contributions

1. The annual contribution shall be determined by the General Assembly and must be paid for one year regardless of the date of accession.

2. It is always payable in advance, no later than 31 July each year, in case of a later accession during that month, in which the accession occurred.

3. Members from countries without their own association can be exempted from contributions by the board.

§ 8 General Assembly

1. A General Assembly takes place annually. Invitations have to be submitted to the members two weeks before by email or by mail, stating the advisory points of the agenda.

2. A General Assembly shall be convened at the request of at least 20% of the members or upon the decision of the Executive Board. Whenever possible, the appointment is to be joined with another meeting of the Association. In exceptional cases, the Board may authorize another date.

3. If a meeting takes place, it has a quorum at the specified time regardless of the number of those present. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority of the votes cast; abstentions are regarded as not submitted.

3. Findet eine Mitgliederversammlung statt, ist sie zum angegebenen Zeitpunkt ohne Rücksicht auf die Anzahl der Anwesenden beschlussfähig. Beschlüsse werden mit einfacher Mehrheit der abgegebenen Stimmen gefasst; Stimmenthaltungen gelten als nicht abgegeben.

4. About the General Assembly a transcript shall be made, which will be sent to all members via email.

§ 9 Amendment of the Constitution

1. An amendment may be proposed by any member. The proposal must be sent in writing or by e-mail to the Board and hast to be treated in the next General Assembly, if the proposal has been available 4 weeks prior.

2. The amendment must be approved by a majority of at least 75% of the members present.

3. Entitled to vote are all members.

This constitution was passed in German language unanimously by the participants of the inaugural meeting on October, 4th in 2015.

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