International Fellowship of Rowing Rotarians


IFoRR is a Rotarian Fellowship, founded in 2016 in Mainz with members from almost all continents.
Membership in our Fellowship is open to any Rotarian or Rotaractor and their family members who are interested in rowing.
In the spirit of Rotary, we have members in our Fellowship ranging from advanced beginners to former world champions, aged from 18 to 88.

In accordance with the Rotarian mission, the Fellowship shall also engage in and promote charitable projects directly related to rowing. 

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At present, this task is fulfilled as part of the Rotary Venø fundraising tour.

Wo liegt Venø?



Foto: Marco von Basten
Foto: Marco van Basten

Der derzeitige Spendenstand beträgt 2,90 EUR/km.
Bei 2130 km ergibt sich ein Betrag von 6.186,00 EUR.

The Venø is a so-called inrigger built in Denmark more than 70 years ago. It is an oar-two with coxswain with riveted mahogany planks. In 2020, a group of rowing Rotarians and rowers from Bavarian clubs acquired the boat. The boat was docked in Aurich and was supposed to go to Rosenheim. But how was the boat to be transported? The purpose of a boat is not to be transported, but to transport.

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We are pleased that the Past President of Rotary International Holger Knaack and the current President of the German Rowing Association Moritz Petri have taken over the patronage for this project.

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