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The current donation level is 5,78 EUR/km.
With 2130 km this results in an amount of 12.313,00 EUR.

  • A FISA referee from Ukraine, Viktoriia Maydachevska, had the idea. In order to maintain the emergency operation of rowing, she asked the DR whether German rowing clubs could provide decommissioned boat material or ergometers for Ukraine. The DRV published this request and in the end a trailer with 11 boats stood at the gates of the rowing club Amicitia in Mannheim. But material is not everything. Transport also has to be financed. The lacking amount was given by the International Fellowship of Rowing Rotarians (IfoRR) from the donations of the Rotary Venø donation tour organised last year The proceeds of which were also supposed to go to rowing in Ukraine. We were a bit sceptical about the timing. But the Ukrainians convinced us of the importance and significance of sport in a country affected by war.

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  • Press reports about the Venø trip

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  • Für alle erfahrenen Ruderer besteht die Möglichkeit aktiv an der Venø Spendentour teilzunehmen. Freie Etappenplätze kannst du der unten stehenden Aufstellung entnehmen. Bitte beachte, dass der Zeitplan Veränderungen erfahren kann.

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  • Eine Aufstellung aller Spender!

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  • Diese Vereine haben uns geholfen.

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