Der derzeitige Spendenstand beträgt 2,90 EUR/km.
Bei 2130 km ergibt sich ein Betrag von 6.186,00 EUR.

The Venø is a so-called inrigger built in Denmark more than 70 years ago. It is an oar-two with helmsman with riveted mahogany planks.

In 2020, a group of rowing Rotarians and rowers from Bavarian clubs acquired the boat. The boat was in Aurich and was supposed to go to Rosenheim.

But how should the boat be transported?

The purpose of a boat is not to be transported, but to transport. Accordingly, the new owners decided to transfer the boat by water.
There are more than 2000 km to row to Passau, well over half of it upstream. In addition, there are about 100 locks to pass.

The ride is challenging:
Aurich - Emden - Ems upwards to the Ruhr area - crossing to the Rhine - to avoid the Middle Rhine route downstream to Holland - crossing to the Meuse - Meuse upwards through Holland, Belgium and France to the Nancy area - crossing via the Rhine-Marne Canal to Strasbourg - Rhine downstream to Mainz -Main upstream to Bamberg - Main-Danube Canal to Kelheim - Danube downstream to Passau.

The tour involves numerous challenges of a logistical and sporting nature and is intended to be as sustainable as possible and will take about 3 months to complete. As it was not possible to find a permanent team for a 3-month tour, the stages will be rowed by alternating teams. Rowing Rotarian friends along the route are invited to participate.

Das Boot lag im Winterlager beim Ruderverein Kleve. Am 25. April war die Venø wieder startklar und ist seitdem wieder auf dem Weg nach Passau. Dezeit befindet sie sich in Saint Mihiel.

Are you interested in rowing with us?
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Rotary is not only about friendship across borders, but also about community service. Therefore, we are looking for donors who pledge a self-selected amount of money for every kilometre rowed. In view of the war in the Ukraine, we will donate the "earned" funds to refugee projects, preferably related to rowing.
Because rowing in a boat has a high integrative value, and not only symbolically.

Willst Du uns unterstützen?
here kannst Du eine Spendenerklärung abgeben.

We are pleased that the Past President of Rotary International Holger Knaack and the current President of the German Rowing Association Moritz Petri have taken over the patronage for this project.

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