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Dear Rotarian oars friends,

in recent years many Rotarians have (re) discovered rowing. There are oarsmen in nearly every Rotary Club in Mainz

Aus dieser Erkenntnis wuchs die Idee, eine rotarische Gemeinschaft der Ruderer zu bilden. Realizing this, the idea of forming a group of Rotarians interested in rowing grew. Such groups with the aim to practice a joint "Passion" are institutionalized in Rotary and are called Fellowship There exist about 60 Fellowships, from the Antique, Classic & Historic Automobile Fellowship of Rotarians (ACHAFR) to the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR).

Why did we create a fellowship for rowers?

From a Rotarian point of view, a Fellowship is a new dimension of Rotarian Friendship, which maintains Rotarian values and through the joint practice of our sport, extends these across club boundaries, even across country boundaries. This includes assistance with the planning and execution of rowing trips for members of the Fellowship, as well as the possibility of jointly carrying out hikes prepared by friends from other clubs with local knowledge.

The Fellowship is to follow the Rotarian mission also in charitable projects, which are directly connected with rowing - as for example. "Rowing against cancer", and also initiate and promote their own community services. To fill this with life, we plan an annually international regatta of rotarian rowers as soon as we have enough members. Who can become a member? Any Rotarian or relative (husband, wife, child) can be a member. Membership fees are only EUR 20 per year. On the Rotary International website the Rowing Rotarians group was set up to report on the life of the Fellowship. A Fellowship needs members like a club does. Therefore, we would be delighted if you could record your interest and your further thoughts on this subject and complete this form on the web.

We look forward to meet rowing Rotarians from home and abroad.

With Rotarian greetings

Martin Steffes-Mies Stephan HölzHartmut Jaeger
RC Mainz 50° Nord RC Mainz RC Mainz
Vorstandsvorsitzender Mainzer
Ruder-Verein von 1878

Wolfgang Litzenburger

Klaus Willimczik
RC Mainz RC Darmstadt - Kranichstein PastGovernor D 1860