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With church boats through the World Heritage Site


Dom zu Speyer First day: Sunday, 26.05.2019 Speyer
Speyer is about 90 km from Frankfurt Airport. We organize a shuttle service for our participants. We meet for the first time in the early afternoon at 2 p.m. in Speyer at the Hotel am Technikmuseum. After the welcome all participants will be informed about the program. Afterwards we visit the Speyer Cathedral. Numerous German emperors have found their graves here. In 2017 the funeral service for the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl was held here. After a city tour we meet with Speyer Rotarians for dinner.

Dom zu Worms Second day: Monday, 27 May 2019 Worms
Today we row from Speyer to Worms (43 km). Lunch will be served in Mannheim. In Worms we spend the night in the Hotel Prinz Carl. A Worms Rotarian shows us his city. Beside the cathedral and the Jewish cemetery we also pass the Luther monument. In Worms in 1521, Luther refused to revoke his previous views before the Reichstag, which had been convened by the emperor, and the Reichsacht was imposed on him. In the vineyard of the president of the RC Worms-Nibelungen we end the day with a hike through the vineyards with wine tasting and dinner.

Mainzer Dom Third day: Tuesday, 28 May 2019 Mainz
Todays stage takes us from Worms to Mainz (54 km). After lunch, the non-rowing companions will visit the old Oppenheim with its magnificent Katharinenkirche and a surprising underworld. We have dinner together with Mainz Rotarians in the boathouse of the Mainzer Ruderverein from 1878. Mainz is the city of Gutenberg, the inventor of printing. Mainz Cathedral was consecrated in 986. Even older is the Johanniskirche, which is probably the predecessor of todays cathedral. And then there is the Stephanskirche with its windows designed by Chagall. The Museum für antike Schiffahrt with its impressive boats, which were not discovered until 1980 during excavations and with which the Roman Empire protected the Rhine border from hostile attacks, is not uninteresting for "river drivers".
Our Fellowship was founded in Mainz. 15 Mainz Rotarians are members of our Fellowship.

Drosselgasse Fourth day: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 Rüdesheim
We spend the morning visiting Mainz. After lunch we will make our way to Rüdesheim (29 km). During this time our companions have the possibility to enjoy the wonderful view from the Niederwalddenkmal situated above Rüdesheim. We spend the night in the Central Hotel. After dinner we stroll through the "Drosselgasse"

Bacharach Fifth day: Thursday, 30 May 2019 Middle Rhine Valley and Cologne
Today is the most scenic part of our rowing trip. To the left and right of the shore we see old fortified castles partly ruined, partly rebuilt on the steep slopes. In between the vineyards of the Middle Rhine. We stop in Bacharach, a small old town with a well-preserved city wall and finish our rowing trip after a total of 160 kilometres in St. Goar.
And here we will take the train to Cologne, where we will have our dinner together with Cologne Rotarians.

Sixth day 31 May 2019 Hamburg
After breakfast, we will pass Cologne Cathedral and get to the main station, where we will board the train to Hamburg. The train journey to Hamburg takes 4 hours.

Travel Expenses
The cost per person is about 950 EUR for a single room and 850 EUR for a double room. This includes: If services are not used, the price is reduced by the expenses saved. Participants who do not travel to Hamburg or do so on their own account can leave the group in St. Goar. The resulting costs of approx. 125 EUR will be credited.

The registration for this trip can be made here online or by mail/fax by filling out the registration form. A booking is not made until the registration has been confirmed. The latest date for registration is 1 March 2019. If less than 25 bookings have been received by 1 March 2019, we reserve the right to withdraw. Payments already received will be refunded in full. Further claims are hereby excluded. Upon registration, 25% of the budgeted costs must be transferred to the account of the International Fellowship of Rowing Rotarians (IBAN DE45 5606 1472 0008 4147 18, BIC GENODED1KHK). The balance is due by 1 April 2019. Questions by mail to Joachim Goetz or Hartmut Jaeger.

We are looking forward to a great tour with you

Hartmut Jaeger
President IFoRR
Member RC Mainz, PP
Joachim Goetz
Chairman HOC Advisory Board
Member RC Neuss, PDG